Guys Of A Certain Age
Down in Front!

Down in Front!

December 21, 2020

You’ve heard The Guys talk incessantly about movies.  About TV.  About streaming services.  About DVD’s and even eight track tapes.  You get it.  They sit in front of screens a lot.  But where are they sitting?  And is that important?  (Since when did importance become a requirement for subject matter?) 

In this episode, Art reveals his plans to convert a room into a legit home theater, while Robbie and Jay give their suggestions on how to make it into the greatest home theater environment of all time.  (Jay’s still working on the bathroom situation.) 

In the Geek of the Week segment, Art and Robbie discuss breaking news related to some of the content that might be viewed in the aforementioned home theater, while Jay comes up with a plan to print the popcorn.  

The Men talk Mando

The Men talk Mando

December 14, 2020

This week the guys go Co-Mando (Ed. note- Jay wrote that).

That means they talk together about the current season of The Mandalorian. (What did you think that meant?) No, the season isn’t over but they decided too many cool things were happening in that universe to wait.  New characters show up, names of little green people are revealed... it’s kind of a big deal.

In other news, Jay is one YouTube video away from understanding the Star Wars timeline, HBOMax makes a big announcement, Art mourns the loss of yet another iconic actor, and Robbie catches us up on Marvel news

Star Wars (and every other Disney thing) EMERGENCY BROADCAST

Star Wars (and every other Disney thing) EMERGENCY BROADCAST

December 10, 2020

"You heard it here first!” ... said all the people on Twitter and everything web-related, when the news from Disney’s Investor Call began dropping today.  

But maybe, just maybe, this is the first podcast you’ll hear about it, thanks to Robbie’s…uh…dedication to getting the listeners all the news they need to choose which streaming service to keep in the lineup.  And clearly, that is Disney+.  


Listen, and you just might get as excited as the Guys!










Introducing the TV intros!

Introducing the TV intros!

December 7, 2020

There are certain TV shows that are almost as famous for their intros as they are for the stories or even the actors.  

Iconic intros aren’t just backdrops for catchy tunes and a list of executive producers; the best ones stand alone.

This week The Guys talk about their favorite intros, from Bart Simpson to the Prince of Bel-Air, from Mad Men to the Wonder Years - and that’s just in their introduction! 

This One Goes to 100

This One Goes to 100

November 30, 2020

This is the 100th episode of Guys of a Certain Age.  Yeah, The Guys can hardly believe it either.  

For almost two years they have rambled and ranted about all these geeky and nerdy and somehow, someway, they keep finding things to talk about.  (At a certain age you forget what you’ve talked about eventually, so that helps.)  

To celebrate this gravestone - er, milestone - they take listener questions, share how they got started, and generally Marvel about how their Empire has grown almost as fast as their Dr’s appointments have multiplied.  (Which doctor?  Dr. Who, of course.)

Welcome to (Space) Fantasy Island

Welcome to (Space) Fantasy Island

November 22, 2020

This episode is a little spacey. 

But is it space opera, space fantasy, space western, or just space between the ears of The Guys where intelligent life should be?  Is it science fiction, science fantasy, or some subgenre of a subgenre?  It’s yet another ed-Jay-cation opportunity where Robbie and Art shed some light (or throw some shade?) on the differences between all the novels and movies and TV shows Jay might have time to watch if he retires soon.  (Neither is likely.)  

Shaken.  And Stirred.

Shaken. And Stirred.

November 15, 2020

Connery.  Sean Connery.  Hands down, The Guys’ favorite James Bond actor.  

The world is shaken (not stirred) at Connery’s passing.  But as true fans know, he also made a great king, Robin Hood, astronaut, sub captain, explorer, writer, and overall hero.  Not a bad career for a former coffin-polisher.  

Before The Guys get to serious Sean business, they geek out on Oreo security, the cool things you find when moving houses, and the perpetuation of a Marvel rumor they’d like to see come true.  

Well..It’s the War of the Worlds

Well..It’s the War of the Worlds

November 9, 2020

It’s that time of year - time for the War of the Worlds.  The real one, we mean - not the one waged on Jay’s jokes every week.  

Well, real might not be the right word.  The Guys are marking the anniversary of Orson Welles’ broadcast of the H.G. Wells story with a look to the history of the event, the movies that came later, and Art’s involvement in a current iteration.  

In the Geeks of the Week segment, Art just can’t escape DC Universe, Jay talks big-time dollars, Robbie schedules his 2021 Saturday mornings, and cousin-of-the-show Mervin calls in with a kinda and gentle response to Jake’s gaming opinions.  

The Podcast Is Right (or Wrong)

The Podcast Is Right (or Wrong)

November 2, 2020

Do you want to play a game?  Or would you be just as happy watching other people play games on TV?  Game shows have been around since long before The Guys were of any age, much less a certain one.  And some of them keep coming back.  (Jay loves it when the dead game shows come back.)  

From Match Game to the Wheel of Fortune, these shows are entertainment and education and let’s face it - we’re addicted.  

Let’s make a deal: listen to this episode and we promise to tell the truth.  

Would You Like To Play A (Chortle) Game?

Would You Like To Play A (Chortle) Game?

October 26, 2020

This week it’s Art’s turn to play hooky, and in his absence, Jake Jones - co-host of Chortlecast over at - takes over the mic with a gaming update in our extended Geeks of the Week segment.  

Don’t know which new system to buy?  Jake knows all.  Jake tells all. Then the Guys turn to Halloween.  Jay thinks it’s really just another chance to celebrate all things Reese’s, and tells the tale of his most memorable costume party, where he won the prize for “Favorite Among 2-year-olds.”  

Robbie guides the Guys through their favorite Halloween-themed movies - thankfully, they don’t have to be horror to be enjoyed on All Hallows Eve.  

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