Guys Of A Certain Age

2020 Vision Looking Forward

January 28, 2020

The Star Wars trilogy of trilogies may be complete, and current faves such as Jack Ryan and the Mandalorian may not be back till the fall, but that doesn't mean our screens won't be busy in 2020.   

In this episode the Guys look forward to all sorts of cinematic wonders in the year to come.  Marvel?  Eternally covered.  DC?  It's a Wonder-ful world.  Bond?  Finally.  Maverick is back, with Kenny in tow. Even the Ghostbusters return from the dead. 

And that doesn't even include all the streaming series that Art and Robbie think Jay needs to watch just to catch up. (Be sure to listen for the shocking revelation that even with an extended Disney+ subscription, Jay may still be the lone Netflix DVD customer.)

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