Guys Of A Certain Age

Are You Ready for Some…Commercials?

February 3, 2020

Is football really over?  Could it be true?  Well, of course not - XFL play starts next week!  

But the Big Game, the Superest of Bowls, happened yesterday, in all its advertising glory.  The Guys had big plans to talk about the relevance of championship games across sports in general, with how the Super Bowl fit into that, but mostly they just ended up talking about the commercials.  And they were awesome.  Most of them, anyway.  Will “these dudes” buy anything as a result of the millions spent on ads?  Unlikely.  But they still got a kick out of talking about them.  

Plus, in the Geek of the Week segment, Art sits in the captain’s chair and Jay rambles on about a study on pizza-slicing.  Sorry, no commercials.  

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