Guys Of A Certain Age

Down in Front!

December 21, 2020

You’ve heard The Guys talk incessantly about movies.  About TV.  About streaming services.  About DVD’s and even eight track tapes.  You get it.  They sit in front of screens a lot.  But where are they sitting?  And is that important?  (Since when did importance become a requirement for subject matter?) 

In this episode, Art reveals his plans to convert a room into a legit home theater, while Robbie and Jay give their suggestions on how to make it into the greatest home theater environment of all time.  (Jay’s still working on the bathroom situation.) 

In the Geek of the Week segment, Art and Robbie discuss breaking news related to some of the content that might be viewed in the aforementioned home theater, while Jay comes up with a plan to print the popcorn.  

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