Guys Of A Certain Age

Episode 5: The Valentine’s Day Episode (Bugs, Meerkats and Starship Troopers)

February 12, 2019
It’s close to that special day of candy and cherubs with bows and arrows.  No, not Halloween. That other special day. It starts with a V. (No, not the TV show “V”.)
In celebration, a zoo in Texas sponsors a strange but inventive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day involving cockroaches and meerkats.  Jay, Art and Robbie talk about the finer points of this opportunity, which leads to a revealing discussion on the ups and downs of adulting in the same town where you grew up.  
Jay gets carded at Wal-Mart, and somehow (shock) a chat about eating insects leads them back to sci-fi movies.  Another episode, another geek-fest.