Guys Of A Certain Age

Episode 9: So What If We Did Watch The Oscars?

March 11, 2019

Yeah, The Guys made fun of them and asked if they were still relevant to the movie-watching public, but still found a way to spend an entire episode talking about the Oscars. 

In the spirit of their current favorite game, "6 Degrees from Kevin Bacon", Art, Robbie, and Jay all have stories: an Oscar winner they actually know, a celebrity asked to sign a book he didn’t write, and a perennial nominee (and finally a winner) who may or may not have been spotted in a NYC comic store. 

Jay's education continues as Robbie explains technical Oscar award terms, and reminds him that we are recording, not taping.  


Show notes:

Doug Blush's bio at IMDB

2019 Oscar winners.