Guys Of A Certain Age

I don’t want to grow up. I’m a…old guy with lots of toys

May 4, 2020

For a trio of oldish curmudgeons, The Guys sure seem to have a lot of toys.  And we're not talking about the proverbial "grown-up" toys like jet skis, jetpacks, and jet...jets - we're talking about  Legos.  Action figures. (They're not dolls.) And ships to transport the not-dolls to galaxies far, far away. 

Which ones have stood the test of time?  Which ones did we desperately want as kids, but couldn't afford until we were adults with disposable income, ebay, and understanding wives?  Listen to this one in your playroom, man cave, or wherever secondary-market-collectible-mint-in-box toys are sold.