Guys Of A Certain Age

Let’s Get Sirius. Sirius. I Wanna Get Sirius

February 8, 2021

In this episode, The Guys get Sirius.  Siriusly, they are sharing their satellite radio presets, and they’re getting specific.  Kind of an “XM marks the spot” situation.  

And despite the differences in musical taste, there is some surprising overlap (if you don’t count the buttons Jay has been too lazy to change from the previous owner of his truck.)  Is terrestrial radio dead as was predicted with the advent of the satellite systems?  Not as long as it’s free, old friends, just like this podcast.  Meanwhile, on the telly, it’s Oscar time - or is it?  And will the Oscars be recognizable by the time they actually arrive?  

Thankfully, there will be Babylon 5 to keep our eyes busy, and talk of Buck Clooney to keep our imaginations buzzing until the 25th century.  Radio is here to stay, and The Guys love their Sirius XM - but be sure to binge listen to all the episodes before sailing away on Yacht Rock to Margaritaville with the Beatles.

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