Guys Of A Certain Age

Life Sized BatMan

November 1, 2021

In this week’s episode The Guys use all their senses, except perhaps good sense.  Art resumes his updates from the world of DC, with all the new trailers from DC Fandome - a virtual trailer park of movies that will come out sometime before the Dawn of the next Century.  (Perhaps that’s what DC stands for?) Robbie is into reading, with a new book unveiling deep background on the setup of the MCU.  Jay unveils yet another opportunity to spend money on figurines -  that is, if you have several thousand dollars and don’t mind Tom Hiddleston staring at you all day long.  And you don’t live in the US.  

Okay, so most of the sensing so far is visual, but then they listen!  That’s right, kids!  Get out your DeCoder rings (imaybe that's what DC stands for?) and gather round the radio - or watch on HBO Max if you sold your radio at a garage sale - it’s time for the Batman Audio Adventures!  Seriously, it’s DC’s first scripted poDCast, and The Guys are pretty excited about it.  As excited as hearts of a certain age can handle, anyway.  Listen as they talk about what they listened to and think you should listen to.  

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