Guys Of A Certain Age

My Podcast Has a First Name: It’s O-S-C-A-R

February 10, 2020

Climate change, impeachment, healthcare - all those subjects were covered.  But it wasn’t a presidential debate…it was the Oscars!  And we watched it anyway.  Well, Art and Jay watched it - but that didn’t stop Robbie from having opinions.  

In this episode, The Guys go down the list of Oscar nominees, winners, and in some cases, non-nominated-but-should-have beens, and tell you all you need to know about the 92nd annual Academy Awards. And maybe some things you didn’t.  They even talk Razzie nominations,  though there were more “I didn’t see that” admissions from that list than the Oscars.  (Jay still defends his enjoyment of Cats in this segment.)  The Razzies served as Robbie’s Geek of the Week, as Art mourned the loss of a Wild, Wild West star and Jay asked the question: How many Quibi’s will it take before this podcast is over?