Guys Of A Certain Age

No Art-ificial Intelligence Needed (Force-feeding movies)

April 20, 2020

It’s week something-or-other in shelter-at-home, and we’re not sure what day it is - but the Guys are here anyway to keep you informed, entertained, and occupied while figuring out if you’re essential or not.  

In this week's episode, they mourn the loss of a mad cartoonist, explore the possibilities of yet another streaming service, and debate the value of spoilers.  Random?  Of course.  What else do you expect?  Next, they tackle the perplexing problem of perpetuity.  In other words, Robbie is force-feeding old movies to his sons during quarantine, and some hits of previous decades have not proven worthy today.  Jay and Art throw a few movies in the ring, too, that they’ve revisited or finally had time to watch during these weird, weird, days.