Guys Of A Certain Age

The one about the shows we haven’t watched…yet

April 27, 2020

Listeners may have noticed that The Guys watch a lot of TV.  Or they watch a lot of content on a lot of streaming services on a lot of screens, at the very least. 

How many times have you heard two of our co-hosts exclaim in surprise to the third, "You haven't seen that?"  Truth be told, though, we all have shows that have large fanbases, great Nielsen ratings, coveted advertising slots - even national conventions dedicated to one show - and yet, they just don't appeal to us. 

That's the conundrum The Guys talk about in this episode. Which "must watch" shows fall into the "I just don't get it, therefore I just don't watch it" category?  Or maybe we gave up after one season or one episode, even if those shows are in the top 5 TV shows of all time.  Prepare to be show-shamed.  Or not.